canadian solar

Canadian Solar is one of the largest and foremost solar power companies globally, and brings more than a decade of industry experience. As a result of our success, our customers have installed more than 15GW of Canadian Solar modules in over 90 solar markets, and currently are developing over 10 GW of utility-scale PV pipeline projects globally.

Canadian Solar Australia has one of the most highly qualified and detailed project management teams in Australia, from technical support to extensive mechanical and electrical engineer experience to the construction of solar projects. 

We have delivered several icon projects totalling 10 MW project, and have over 1 GW in early-stage development stage and 100 MW in late-stage. We pride ourselves on ensuring our projects are delivered on time and within budget. We maintain our standards by providing exceptional products and services that meet the specific needs of customers. We subcontract experienced external consultants to help us deliver high standard projects and meet all regulatory requirements. We currently have offices based in Melbourne and Sydney, and we are active in the C&I Project Business, Module Sales, Energy & Micro-grid Business across Australia.